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Feedback on Bulldog Media of NH:

"He listened to my goals and my objectives, and created my vision. He had me up and running within a very short time. When I want changes from time to time, I call him and they're on the web site immediately. I highly recommend him!" -Bob in Baltimore, MD

"You have been very pleasant, fun, dedicated & I have enjoyed immensely working with you." -Diane, Millinocket, ME

"Thanks for all you do! You're a GREAT webmaster! Because you think, you're creative and don't do this work mindlessly!" -Laura in Columbia, MD

Web Design

Bulldog Media of NH will customize a site for your needs. Your web site can be 1 page or 60 pages! Your web site will convey your mission, services, details on your products or services offered, contact information, links to your favorite web sites, featured staff members, directions to your business, etc.


Most Bulldog Media of NH clients have never had a web site or realized the impact a web site can make on their business. Bulldog Media of NH is perfect for beginners and technical terms are explained simply and you are relieved of the worry to figure out how it all works.

Domain Name

The first thing you need to do is select a domain name. This is something like www.yourname.com. Your domain name should be your business name or your personal name.

There are many extensions to domain names. The most popular is .com, .net and .org. There is also .ws, .info, .tv, .us and more. Getting a .com domain can be the most difficult, but you can visit www.netsol.com to see if the name you want is available. If it is not, it will also offer suggestions. Before you register a domain name, let Bulldog Media of NH assist you with selecting and registering the domain name.

Web Hosting

Once you have a domain, you need a web hosting company to store the files that are created and display them to all who visit your site.

There are countless companies offering web hosting and they can range from a few dollars a month to hundreds of dollars a month. Selecting the right web hosting company is critical. Bulldog Media of NH will help select the right hosting company for your needs.

Bulldog Media of NH recommends two companies: Esosoft and DotEasy. Esosoft offers affordable hosting services for under $90/year and includes fast and reliable servers with 1gb of storage, daily statistics reports, up to 1000 e-mail addresses, unlimited traffic, free e-mail tech support and the option to add a secure server. DotEasy is free and offers 100mb of storage, 10 e-mail addresses, 1gb monthly transfer limit and limited self-help support.

Design & Content

Think carefully about what information you want to relay to your web site visitors. Most sites consist of a home page which conveys a general overview of your business or organization's services, bio/about us page which tells the visitor about your mission and background of the business owner or organization's history, a contact page where visitors can easily contact you by phone, e-mail, mail and get directions, as well as a links page and other pages detailing specific products or services you offer.

Bulldog Media of NH will make a site that is easy to navigate. It doesn't do anyone any good to get "lost" in your site. A proper layout will ensure that visitors will find all the information they need quickly.


After your site is built, Bulldog Media of NH can keep your site updated regularly, whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. Affordability is the key, and with Bulldog Media of NH, you won't go broke keeping your site fresh. With updating service charges up to 50% less than many other site builders, you can't afford NOT to update your site. An updated site will show that you care about your appearance, and in a competitive marketplace, isn't appearance half the battle? An updated site keeps your visitors coming back -- the statistics prove it!


Having a web site built can be a very expensive ordeal. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. Bulldog Media of NH's mission is to provide high quality, personal service at affordable prices.

Our services are customized to fit your needs, and it would not be fair to place a "flate rate" or rate structure here as prices could vary widely depending on the complexity of a web site or other services you request.

All work is guaranteed to be free of technical and grammatical errors. Your price includes:

    Initial consultation at your home or office in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region.
    Site design and launch.
    E-mail configuration.
    Follow-up visit to your home or office to setup e-mail accounts on your computer and answer technical questions that you may have.
    Service guarantee.

After your web site is launched, updating services are available. There is no "retainer fee" or other monthly charge unless you request services. You simply pay as you go and if the update only takes 15 minutes, you will only be billed for 15 minutes of work!

However, if you require a lot of regular updates, we can arrange for a flat rate monthly billing program.

Computer Surfing

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